Air Leakage/Pressure Tests for New Properties and EPC’s for Your Sale or Rental Property

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

If you are unsure of whether or not you need an Energy Performance Certificate or if you are unsure of what the EPC actually gives you and how the process works, let us help you out by providing you with some informative information that will help you.

What is an EPC?

Energy Performance Certificates are required whenever a property is built as well as in already existing buildings before it is registered as for sale or to rent. This is to allow the potential buyers of the property to have the information required to compare the energy ratings of a property against others to see which is most efficient in terms of energy expenditure.

The EPC will be conducted by checking all rooms in your house without having to pry under carpets or floorboards, checking for anything that could potentially lower your energy performance rating, a rating given after the check and certificate is given out from A-G; A being the best rating and G being the lowest.

Do I need one?

  • Properties with a firm foundation/footing need an EPC, so that rules out caravans and any other form of mobile home.
  • Landlords who rent out a property of multiple occupants as individual rooms instead of as a group of people sharing the house with just one group contract are also exempt, but if you are renting to a group of people under a joint contract, as a whole dwelling, then you will need an EPC.
  • Both older properties and new properties need an EPC, irrelevant to whether your property is under or over ten years old.
  • Commercial premises need an Energy Performance Certificate.
  • Unless the lease has less than 21 years to run on a leasehold property, this will also require an EPC

The Process

An assessor will come to your property, with or without you present (although it is advised that you are present during the EPC for informational purposes) and check different variables, the amount of floors in the property, the amount of habitable rooms, whether you have double or single glazing windows etc. After this information is gathered, the assessor will use this information and a software package commissioned by a Governing body to produce the certificate.

The certificate may contain some recommendations for improving your Energy Performance rating if needed, this could allow your certificate to be of a higher rating next time it is checked.

If you require any further information about Energy Performance Certificates, specifically one completed by us at Ynni Cymru Energy Solutions Ltd, please feel free to check our FAQ or get a quote by filling out our enquiry form in our Contact Us page. 


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