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Top 3 Tips for Energy and Money Saving Changes

Turn off your appliances!

Turning household or office appliances off at the points is something most people struggle with, having to go around your home checking points at the end of every day is a tedious task that nobody enjoys, but it is one that is definitely beneficial.

Turning your appliances off at the wall (the majority of the time you probably think they are already “off”) is said to save you up to £80 per year, as stated by The Energy Savings Trust. Some of the main culprits for being left on standby are desktop computers, video game consoles, mobile phone chargers, televisions and computer peripherals such as printers, scanners or monitors. These are the main appliances that either get left on at the point, or sometimes even left on standby, which contrary to some people’s belief, still takes up a decent amount of electricity.

Although the £80 per year saving may not seem ground breaking, in a ten year span that amounts to £800 worth of energy saving, for some people that’s two months of their mortgage paid for by something you should be doing anyway!

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Heating Overuse

Overusing your heating is something which many people don’t even think of, but uswitch have stated that turning down your thermostat by 1 degree can save you as much as £60 per year, which may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but can amount to a large sum when you think that in ten years you could have saved £600.

For that amount it may be worth doubling up on your clothing in the winter months or wearing your hoodie or sweatshirt around the house more than usual!

Putting your heating on timer is another good way of making sure you’re not overusing your heating. If for example, you can set your timer to turn the heating on in the morning, early afternoon and evening for a set amount of time, this saves you having to remember to turn your heating on and off whenever you would like to use it and potentially leaving it on accidentally. In our opinion this is one of the most underrated energy and money saving tips people aren't properly using at the moment. 

Miscellaneous Home Changes

These miscellaneous home changes or improvements can include but are not limited to:

  • Shower Efficiency – Making sure you have an energy efficient shower head can be extremely beneficial, limiting the amount of water can, stated by some industry professionals, save you up to £70 per year and sometimes more, dependent on how long you spend in the shower!
  • Draught Proofing - If you have an old home, making sure it is draught proofed could save you up to £60 per year (depending on the age of the property and amount of draught being brought into the house).
  • Cavity Wall Insulation – The cavity between the two sets of bricks (for houses built from 1900 onwards) can be filled using an insulating foam, these can sometimes be paid for partially by government grants and can save you up to £150 in your energy bills per year. Although the saving is a large amount, make sure you use professionals that can tell you whether or not your walls are suitable for cavity wall insulation as the insulation is not always suitable for all regions or cavity wall types. 
  • Loft Insulation – Insulating your loft can cost you as little as £100, and can save you anything up to £200 per year, this means it may be able to pay for itself and gain you £100 in just the first year of installation!

Overall, the savings for the miscellaneous home changes could be up to £480 per year, add to that the saving of up to £60 per year for your heating overuse and the potential £80 per year for the appliances being left on standby, and you’re looking at a potential saving of anything up to £620 per year. Although this huge saving would come at an initial cost (all of the miscellaneous home changes, likely to cost around £1,000 in total) saving up to £600 per year is something that should be extremely appealing, especially when you look at the savings over a longer period. 

As well as providing you with these energy saving tips, we are an independent Energy Solution and Testing specialist, specialising in Energy Performance Certificates and Air Tightness Testing, if you require any testing or certificates then feel free to contact us!

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