Air Leakage/Pressure Tests for New Properties and EPC's for Your Sale or Rental Property

Features of an Energy-Efficient Residence

Property investors who require the inclusion of energy-saving measures in their residential structures have been reportedly getting the benefit of boosting the prices of their houses, according to this news clip from GOV.UK. If any homeowner would wish to take advantage of the same financial advantage, they may have to start thinking about renovating their houses and turn them into energy-efficient edifices.

For them to achieve such a goal, housebuyers may have to approach Mike Murphy of Ynni Cymru Energy Solutions to test their residence for air tightness (and consequently, better energy efficiency). Also, they may have to think of ways to install domestic solar panels or incorporate the following features into their home's design:

Cool Roofs – These often use highly reflective materials, enabling them to absorb less heat from the sunlight as well as reflect more light. Such functions has enabled cool roofs to keep domestic structures cooler during summer or any hot weather day.

Advanced House Framing – Alternatively known as optimum value engineering, this framing technique aims to improve energy efficiency in wood-framed structures by reducing the lumber waste (or use) for such projects.

Passive Solar Home Design – By embracing this particular principle during the construction phase, the builder can create a house that utilises site and climatic conditions to provide the necessary cooling factor during summer and heating benefits in winter. For better understanding of this concept, this resource is worth checking out.

Aside from these basic features, it may help in the homeowner's agenda of building an environmentally friendly unit if he or she pursues measures like installing domestic solar panels as well as double-glaze windows. After the necessary additions have been made and practices followed, an essential step to take next is to have the structure tested for energy efficiency to secure an Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), a requirement that UK-based property owners can acquire through us here at Ynni Cymru Energy Solutions.

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