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Spring Home Improvement Projects You'll Be Thankful For

Thanks to the generally crappy weather around the world nowadays, you are probably cooped up in a corner of your house feeling all cold and cranky. Fortunately though, there are only a few weeks more before we can all enjoy some nice, warm weather again.

To celebrate the change in temperature (and mood, perhaps) in a few weeks' time, here are some spring home improvement projects you'll be thankful you did:

The Obligatory Spring Cleaning

It can be quite a tedious task to clean your house. But after all those months of hibernation, your home could be teeming with dust and germs in various nooks and crannies. So it's a must that you get going with the cleaning. But if you're too busy, too tired or too excited for spring to actually have time to clean your home, you can hire window and gutter cleaning services through or commercial cleaners from Kleanovative to save time and effort.

A Pop of Colour

Bring your home to life with Spring 2014's must-have colours - Dazzling Blue, Freesia, Cayenne and Violet Tulip, among many others. For bold hues like Sand and Radiant Orchid, you can use them as accents around the house. Make those colours pop by using neutral or earth tones on the walls and larger items, like blackout blinds and Oceans rattan furniture. You can also brighten up any room by using colours like Freesia, Hemlock and Violet Tulip on the walls. If you need help in paintig your property, do not hesitate to contact Express painting commercial painters in Brisbane.

For the "OC" in You

If you're a sucker for all things organised, you'll need to take advantage of anything that can help you keep your house spotless and in order. To add a bit of oomph in your home improvement project, use unique storage units that you can even make yourself. For example, elevated storage areas, such as cabinets carved just below the ceiling can help protect cherished items from floodwater. You can use a library ladder or make one on your own to access these secret nooks. Maximise every space in your home by installing shelving even in corners where you can stash non-perishable items away. If you have a bare wall, that's just too plain to look at, consider installing vertical heating devices on it to warm the room. You can find such at Of course, since you'll be needing electrictians to handle the wiring, find such tradesmen at Evolved Electrical. You may also find a GEC electrician in Mt Eliza. By the way, you might also find using HomeFuelsidrect additives helpful.

The Personal Touch

You might choose to add a bit of a personal touch into your bedroom or living room. Mount picture frames of coordinating designs and sizes on one of the walls. You can opt for the same-sized frames, if you want though. But place pictures with different hues and light on each one to make it more artsy. You can DIY typography letters or words by using old cardboards, crepe paper or other materials. Additionally, have your favourite motto or quote made into wall decals to decorate any room in your house. If you want to add more shade, consider installing Eurotec folding arm awnings.

The Most Important Aspects

Safety should be prioritised at all times. So before any other home improvement project, you have to make sure that your home is in the best condition to protect you, your family and your belongings. Some of the tasks that need to be carried out include:

Pruning trees with branches that might fall on and damage your roof.

  • Replacing roof tiles and downspouts to keep water and moist away from your home's interior.
  • Cleaning gutters to avoid bush fire (if this is common in your place), rust and rot, pests.
  • Installing additional insulation to ensure your home is as comfortable as it should be.

With all these tips, you should now be more than ready to enjoy a bit of sunshine next season.

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