Latest Air Tightness Testing Regime

ADL1A 2010 now provide more defined terms of ‘dwelling type’. To qualify dwellings to be considered as the same ‘dwelling type’, they must have the:

  • Same standard form - i.e. detached, semi- detached, ground floor flat
  • Same number of storeys
  • Same design Air Permeability Rate (APR)
  • Similar adjacency to unheated spaces e.g. stairwells or integral garages
  • Same principal construction details whether Accredited Construction Designs (ACDs) or bespoke
  • Same number of significant penetrations (+/- 1) - i.e. windows, doors, flues/chimneys, supply/exhaust terminals and waste water pipes
  • Envelope areas that do not differ by more than 10%

(ADL1A – Available for Wales from here and England from here)

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