Professional Consultant's Certificate (PCC) - Service NO LONGER PROVIDED

NO LONGER PROVIDED BUT What is involved with a PCC?

The Professional Consultant will visit the house as the build progresses at set stages (as Building Control) from commencement to completion.

The Professional Consultant will exercise reasonable skill and care to check generally:

  • Progress of the build as requested;
  • Use of materials as specified by contractors/sub contractors and/or architects (the specification)
  • Conformity with construction drawings, specifications and Building Regulations

What is the final outcome?

Certificates in line with UK Finance Lenders' Handbook template.

How much are the fees?

Fees are calculated depending on the size and complexity of the dwelling.

Some dwellings take a long time to build, what happens then?

The final fees may be re-calculated to account for changes such as interest rates. If an inspection is not requested in a 24 month period, then the assumption will be the PCC service is no longer required. The information to date on the house will be saved but will cease the inspection services. A client is always contacted to confirm this is about to happen to allow suitable time to arrange an inspection if the service remains a requirement.

UK Finance

Lenders will generally only lend on a newly built (or newly converted) property where the property is covered by a warranty scheme (for example, NHBC warranty) or the Professional Consultant's Certificate (PCC). The PCC is for use by professional consultants when designing and/or monitoring the construction or conversion of residential buildings.

The purpose of the PCC is to confirm to the lender (or its conveyancer) that a professional consultant:

Has visited the property to check its progress of construction, its conformity with drawings approved under building regulations and its conformity with drawings/instructions issued under the building contract;

Will remain liable to the first purchasers and their lender and subsequent purchasers and lenders for the period of 6 years from the date of the certificate;

Has appropriate experience in the design and/or monitoring of the construction and conversion of residential buildings; and

Will keep a certain level of professional indemnity insurance in force to cover his liabilities under the certificate.

UK Finance (2020)