Commercial Energy Assessments (EPC)

About Commercial EPCs

Commercial EPCs are known as Energy Performance Certificates or Non-Domestic Energy Assessments

The law regarding when an EPC is needed to sell or rent your property
It is your responsibility to ensure an EPC is available or has been commissioned before you market your property for sale or rent. As long as you have booked an Non-Domestic Energy Assessor when the property goes to market, you have a further 28 days to ensure the EPC arrives with your selling or letting agency. If you are marketing the property yourself, the same law applies.

As part of my service, I can email a copy of your EPC to your selling or letting agent.

If you are intending renting out or selling your commercial property you will need an EPC and the certificate will be valid for 10 years for rental properties.

The EPC survey procedure involves taking dimensions of the property will be taken to ascertain the floor area and ceiling heights. It is imperative I have access to all rooms to obtain additional dimensions, details on heating, ventilation, air conditioning (if applicable to your property), glazing and lighting. The loft area (if applicable) is checked for insulation levels and details taken of the main and secondary heating systems along with any water cylinder/heat stores installed. Photographs will need to be taken to support the site notes but are not released with the EPC.

The survey/inspection is non-invasive meaning it does not involve lifting carpets, floorboards or loft boards. The assessment is based on visual inspection only – known as a NON-INVASIVE inspection. Access is needed to all rooms and the attic and cellar as well as the boiler, heating controls, hot water storage, air conditioning (if applicable), HVAC controls and gas / electricity meters.

Current or lost EPCs can be checked for...if a property has an EPC. A copy can be obtained from the Energy Assessor who originally produced it. If that is not available or not practical, you can obtain a copy from Landmark.

Alternatively, I can arrange to obtain a copy for you. The fee for this service is £20 payable by bank transfer.

Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the property e.g. terraced, semi-detached or detached commercial properties - a street corner shop is less involved than a large department store.

For a competitive quote call (landline) 01792 424569; (mobile) 07986 099438 or email [email protected]