How long does an EPC survey take?

Typically around 1-2 hours for a 3-bed semi. Complex properties with more bedrooms and extensions will take longer.

How quickly will I receive the certificate after the survey?

If you ask Ynni Cymru Energy Solutions Ltd to produce your EPC, you can receive your certificate by email on the following day, depending on complexity same day as the survey. For other suppliers, you will need to check with them.

When do I pay for my EPC?

The EPC will need to be paid in full either before the survey or on the day of survey. We can only accept cash, cheque or bank transfer. A receipt will be given to you for the fee paid.

Can you produce floor plans for my property marketing?

Yes we can for an additional fee (quote provided) and these are produced to a professional standard in readiness for you or your agent to use straight away. The floor plans can be produced along with your EPC or separately if you don't need an EPC.

Are you a Green Deal Advisor (GDA)?

No we are not. We produce the Energy Performance Certificate in advance for you before you contact a Green Deal Provider who will then assign a GDA to your Green Deal application.

Can Ynni Cymru Energy Solutions Ltd offer advice on how to improve my home's energy efficiency?

Yes we can. We can look around your property without doing an EPC and then send you a written report on the areas of your property that could / should be improved to cut down your energy bills. There will be a fee for this service.

Will my current spending on energy bills be taken into account?

No. The estimated energy bill calculations on the EPC are based on standardised living conditions and not the individual owner’s lifestyle.

Will I invalidate the EPC if I carry out changes to my property?

No. You may point out to prospective purchasers that you have made the changes and therefore increased the energy efficiency rating. You may consider getting a revised EPC to fully represent the new energy levels. This will require a re-visit and further assessment cost.

My loft insulation is hidden under boards?

Every effort is made to identify where insulation is included including cavities (by drill holes or installer certificate) and loft area by a 'head & shoulders' inspection. Where no access is possible it will be necessary for the property owner to provide evidence of insulation such as an installer’s certificate/guarantee. If this is not possible, we will include a default in the software where no access is possible and that will result in a lower insulation rating.

I rent rooms in my home by the week / month / B&B. Do I need an EPC?

No you don't. If you rent out rooms in your home to lodgers, rent out individual rooms in a property, i.e. houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) / student lets or do B&B, under current guidelines, you do not need to have an Energy Performance Certificate. The current guidance form City & County of Swansea is: If you rent an HMO to a number of tenants who each have their own bedroom, but share bathroom and/or kitchen facilities an EPC is not required, unless you sell the house or let it as one whole dwelling. Letting houses to a group of sharers with just one contract, as many HMO landlords in Swansea do, is different. In this case you will need to provide an EPC for the whole property when you let to new tenants after 1st October 2008. EPCs are required for self-contained flats (with their own kitchen and bathroom facilities).

Do I need an EPC for renting / selling a caravan or mobile home?

No you don't. Only properties with a firm foundation / footings need an EPC.

I rent out my property as holiday lets short / long term. Do I need an EPC?

An EPC will be required for a property rented out as a holiday let where the building* is occupied as a result of a short term letting arrangement and is rented out for a combined total of 4 months or more in any 12 month period.

*A 'building' is defined as a roofed construction having walls for which energy is used to condition the indoor environment. This definition excludes caravan, tents, and mobile homes etc.

I want to check the energy rating of my house but I am not looking to sell just yet?

This is a great idea and if you decide to move within 10 years the EPC will still be valid. If you are not moving, you will definitely benefit from finding out how good your home is at generating and retaining the energy used and what improvements could be made to reduce your energy bills.

Will I own my EPC?

If you purchase your EPC direct from us then yes you will and this will need passing onto you’re selling or letting agent and / or solicitor for the sale of your home. If you order the EPC through an estate agent or your solicitor then you will need to check with them as to the ownership.

Will estate agents and solicitors accept EPC’s produced by others?

Yes, although some may charge a nominal fee to check its legality.

Can a house fail an EPC?

It depends on the purpose of the EPC - whether for sale or rental. A professional EPC is an examination of the current energy efficiency and the effect on the environment. So the results of the assessment are based on the current levels of insulation and heating system. Where an issue may arise is if the EPC is not come within the required E - A bands for the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for rental purposes. That means EPCs within the G - F bands will require some improvements to raise the 'band' rating up to a minimum of E. This is not a requirement for selling your home.

Will I need to be present during the inspection?

It is not a legal requirement to be present, however, it is highly recommended and more desirable that you are. In addition to security and health & safety issues, the inspector may ask you for some information relating to your property. If you are unable to be present, then a responsible adult or agent may be present, but not any persons under the age of 16 on their own.

My home is Leasehold. Do I still need an EPC?

Yes, unless the lease has less than 21 years to run.

My home is less than 10 years old; do I still need an EPC?

Yes, you do. Q. I am having a new home built / I am having a new extension. Can you produce the EPC for this? A. Yes we can. You need to use an On Construction Energy Assessor. We provide you with further details on the SAP EPC section of the website. Q. Do you produce EPCs for commercial premises? A. Yes we do. You need to use a Non Domestic Energy Assessor for this. We provide further details on this on the Commercial Energy Assessment section of the website.

My home is grade 1 or 2 listed and/or thatched. Do I still need and EPC?

As of 9th January 2013, listed buildings that are marketed for sale or rent are exempt from EPC's. Thatched properties will still require an EPC unless, of course, it is listed. Listed buildings that are installing solar panels will still need an EPC to apply for the FiT. Q. I am renting out a property or annexe on a licence to occupy. Do I need an EPC? A. No you don't need an EPC for licence to occupy.

What happens if I don’t get an EPC?

The initial fine is £200 but if your property remains on the market for sale, then further fines will be incurred. This may increase to £5000. Require further advice - do not hesitate to contact me: (landline) 01792 424569; (mobile) 07986 099438 or email [email protected]